Yoga Connects Us

by Jill Tucker, LPC-S

In 2012, I was training for my 4th full marathon…

and by training I mean I was slacking off a lot. 



I ended up with a sharp, stabbing pain on the right side of my lower back.  At the time I had not-so-hot insurance, so I resisted going to the doctor and physical therapy.  One of my besties suggested, “Well, you can do unlimited yoga with me for $40 for your first month at Big Yoga, so sign up for this 40 Days thing with me.”  And I did.  

And I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

I showed up for my first class with my $7 Target yoga mat and Marshall’s Mega Store stretchy clothes and had no idea what to expect.  I set up my mat next to my bestie and followed the instructions of the teacher as best I could, watching my bestie when I felt lost or didn’t know what to do, which was a lot.  I almost laughed out loud when they told us to “om” at the beginning of class!  I was like, “Are these people serious?”  Yes, they were. 

So I om’d.  And smiled.  And yoga was hard.

I survived my first hot, sweaty class not because I’m good at yoga or tougher than nails, but because I was with my bestie AND 100 other hot, sweat, crazy (awesome) people! 

They kept moving, so I did, too. 

Peer pressure at it’s finest!  And I kept going back. 

Speaking of back, by the end of 40 days, my back didn’t hurt anymore!  But that’s not why I kept going.  It became about so much more than that for me. 

First and foremost, I fell in love with the community and the people at Big Power Yoga.  I remember the first time someone at the front desk remembered my name, the first time a teacher called me out in class by first AND last name (Thanks, Nathan). 

I remember the people I met in meetings and feeling instantly connected to them because these people were sharing real, vulnerable stuff. 

And so the 40 days ended and I kept going. 

Then I did another 40 days. 

And another. 

Yoga became like therapy for me.

I’m a psychotherapist by training, mostly for teens, tweens, young adults, and their parents, and about the time I was getting into yoga, another therapist stopped by my office to introduce herself and market her private practice.   

I instantly liked her and felt connected to her. 

I ended up referring a few clients to her, and she would take me out or coffee to thank me and to stay connected.  Over cups of coffee, we got to talking about our visions, goals, and ideas for the future, personally and professionally. 

It turns out both of us had a desire to integrate yoga into the therapeutic work we were doing. 

Fast forward two years and we both signed up for yoga teacher trainings at different yoga studios in Houston, I started my private practice in the same building where she was officing, and TruthTribe was born. 


We are now the proud co-founders of TruthTribe, an empowerment program integrating yoga, mindfulness and group process for young women.

Yoga has changed my life.

It re-connected me to my body, and I believe, healed it; connected me to an amazing, supportive community and so many tremendous people; and ultimately, altered the course of my career in the most unexpected and awesome way. 

The changes it has created show up on and off the mat. 

I’m stronger, more resilient, more connected, and more creative than ever. 

Through teacher training I met 30 powerful, creative, passionate people, and through my job I have an opportunity to connect with people and help create tribes of women who can support and empower one another. 

Although yoga is an individual process, practicing in a room full of other people is a shared experience that makes it feel like we’re all in it together…because after all, aren’t we?

Jill Tucker

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